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In Palcom, we commit ourselves to absolute customer care. We fully realize that our success depends upon customer satisfaction and thus spare the most effort in عرض المزيد
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Out Bound Holidays
Tour Packages to various scenic countries of the world.
Honeymoon Packages
Honeymoon Packages to exciting and romantic destinations of the world.
In Bound Tours
Tour Packages within Palestine and the Holy Land.
Limousine Services to Economic Transportation, Car rentals. Assistance and transport services upon arrival at any ports/airports.
Air Tickets
International Airlines reservations and ticketing.
Hotel / Apartment reservation
Deluxe to Budget Hotels/ Furnished Apartments locally & worldwide.
Conferences & meetings bookings locally & worldwide.
Other Services
Travel insurance. Special rates for group excursions, travel and tours. Visa assistance to various countries such as UAE, GCC, UK, USA, SCHENGEN countries, etc.
Hajj & Umrah
Group and Individual religious high end and VIP fully arranged trips.